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A True-to-Life Vehicle Simulation

In Evolution Drive, vehicles exhibit realistic damage when they collide. This feature adds a layer of authenticity and challenge to the gameplay. However, we understand that every player has their own preferences. Therefore, this realistic damage feature can be toggled on or off according to your personal gaming style.

Unlock the Rare

Within this digital realm, enthusiasts will discover a treasure trove of collectibles. From the roar of modified speed machines to the nostalgic hum of historical classics, each vehicle is a rare gem waiting to be discovered. These aren’t mere static showpieces - they’re fully operational, ready to be driven, tested, and pushed to their limits.
Inside the game, there’s a paint system that allows you to paint your vehicles and distribute your texture maps for any vehicle you desire.
The game is designed to be extremely expandable, not just by the developer, but by every user. Furthermore a downloadable template for Unity 2019 will be available for those who wish to develop and export their own maps, tracks, scenarios, obstacles, ramps, and even create personalized missions.
We celebrate legendary drivers in our game, putting you in the driver’s seat of the iconic cars they once commanded. Join us, experience the thrill, and become part of the legend.